¿ is a mythical prehistoric creeper that

¿'s creeper form

can take on different forms, being one of the very first creepers on Minecraftia's history and one of the first Shapeshifters. He was a very tricky and devious creature that knew how to lead others into traps with no escape. His names also shifted between others, but only two of them are confirmed: Te and Nil. (pronounced TAY and NEEL)!


¿ has very few historical refferences, in fact in only four places! His mysterious and unknown life leaves many wondering who he even was or whether he existed or not. Herobrine, nor most of the Rulers, even knew if he was alive because ¿ was born 900,000 years before Herobrine was even alive!

These are the four refferences to ¿ -

  • Two refferences by the first Ruler in an unearthed stone tablet
    • "...His constantly shifting form confuses many...Even his name was shifting from time to time, in a strange pattern but always landing on (scratched out place on stone tablet) and others..."
    • "We are glad that he no longer walks this earth."
  • One refference in a strange language drawn out with a stick on the ground
      • 'Te' could be one of ¿'s shifting names.
  • One refference by Emerald's Glow
    • "He lived long ago, that sly beast Nil! Whioknows what he's been doing in the past million years?"
      • 'Nil' could also be one of ¿'s shifting names.

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