Abactor Creeper
Abactor creeper remake
Conceptual Paint art

Savegame ID


Attack Strength

Normal: 1 Mc heart (2 health)

Hard: 2.5 Mc heart (5 health)


20 Mc heart (40 health)

Armor Points



Running into mobs


Hostile to cows

Passive to the Player

Abactor Creepers are intellegent, fast, and powerful creepers. Their AI is rather complex compared to other mobs.




Abactor Creepers are one of the few mobs (excluding Endermen) that can pick up items, but are amongst the very select few that can use what items they pick up. They only pick up certain items but they are able to use all of them. Living in groups of up to 7, Abactor Creepers can be a real pain to get rid of. Because they do not explode, however, wolves are prone to attacking them, and cats are useful for keeping them away from your beef farms.

Similarly to the current Creeper AI, Abactor Creepers will walk around ditches or pitfalls, though in their AI they will also be able to tell to avoid fire/lava traps or stepping on pressure plates that activate dispensers. This makes it very difficult to kill them with traps, so it is best to just kill them yourself. They will also take great care in avoiding any nearby Withers, which would easily kill Abactor Creepers in just a few hits.

Abactor Creepers always have a place in which they gather in when they have collected enough beef. (Abactor Creepers have hunger bars the same as the Player does.) This is usually distinguished to be a hole in the ground, which leads to a 7 x 7 x 7 sphere covered in acacia wood, which has a staircase leading to the bottom. There will usually be around 5-6 Abactor Creepers in said area, but they will all flee outside if you enter. There are usually chests hidden under the acacia wood blocks, which are filled with beef and other mob drops.

Abactor Creepers attack all cows within a 20-block range and simply ram into them to deal damage. Though they only deal 1 Mc heart on Normal/2.5 Mc heart on Hard, they are capable of outrunning and killing cows. After collecting beef, they return to their group and eat whatever they found. If attacked by a player, dispenser, ect, they run away.



Abactor Creepers live in grassy, flat, sunny areas. Every group of them always consists of at least 7 Abactor Creepers. They cannot be found at night, even if there are nearby cows.


  • Iron Golems will attack Abactor Creepers since they do not explode. Thus, it is helpful to keep some around in case some Abactor Creepers are lurking around.
  • The word abactor itself pertains to cows.
  • Abactor Creepers walk at the same speed as the Player and Ice Creepers.

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