Abandominium Creeper
Abandominium Creeper Remake
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46 Mc heart (92 health)

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Passive to mobs

Abandominium Creepers are a common hybrid of City Creepers and Ghost Creepers found occasionaly in dark houses or buildings in villages and strongholds. They, along with Ghost Creepers and Mist Creepers, are important for the summoning of The Revenant.




Abandominium Creepers float around leaving behind grey particles where they've been and will gain altitude when approached, similar to ghasts. Because they are part ghost, they can go through walls and mobs. They have a faint outline and are hard to see. They only come out at night and can be heard from about 40 blocks away, in which they will emit strange, high-pitched squeaks.

Abandominium Creepers are very sensitive to light. Though it doesn't cause them damage, they will move considerably slower in sunlight and torchlight alike and they will have their armor points cut in half. This only occurs when they are under a light source of 8 or more. Otherwise, the darker it is, the more their yellow spots and eyes will glow, making it easy to distinguish them unless they are not facing the Player.

Most times, Abandominium Creepers are only killed for their unique drop, abandominium shards. These, along with ghost shards and mist shards (dropped by Ghost Creepers and Mist Creepers respectively), are used for the crafting of the Flawed Phantom Staff. Killing enough ghost-class creepers with this staff will eventually summon The Revenant.

Aside from their drop's uses, Abandominium Creepers, similarly to other ghost-class creepers, can only be hit by weapons like the Spirit Scythe. Even so, the Spirit Scythe does considerably less damage to them than it would've otherwise. All other weapons will simply go through them. If any mobs approach Abandominium Creepers, they will simply fly upwards, out of reach.

Withers do not target Abandominium Creepers, though the reason is unknown. This is most likely because Withers' projectiles would just pass through the Abandominium Creeper. This goes the same with other bosses like the Ender Dragon, which just pass through Abandominium Creepers. This, however, does not affect the fact that Abandominium Creepers will flee from both bosses upon approach.


Abandominium Creepers are found in Abandoned Mineshafts, Dungeons, Villages, Strongholds, and dark player-made structures as long as it has a light level of 7 or less. Putting a torch in these areas will prevent them from spawning as well as weaken any that are already in there. They will have a 20% chance to spawn in any 3 x 3 x 3 cube of air that has said light level. They always spawn alone. It is unusual to see more than two in the same area.


  • Abandominium Creepers are one of the only creepers that are not targeted by Withers.
  • Abandominium Creepers cannot swim - they just glide through any solid objects.

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