An Alligator

Alligators or Gators are Neutral Mobs in Minecraft spawn in the Overworld. They are found in waters at Swamps and Jungle Biomes. They drop 0-2 Alligator Leather when dead.


Unlike real life Alligators and Crocodiles, this one must be close to you to attack. The only way to calm them down is Meat. They can dive and kill Squids. Alligators are very Sensitive and Helpful to it's young. The young ones however, cannot nor do not attack.


Since they have super strong teeth, they will grab and shake its pray side to side to feed on its pray. They are hostile to Passive, Neutral (exept to its specie) and Hostile only. If you jump on it, hit it, throw things on it or tried to blow it up and it survives it will Kill you but the only thing to shake it off is to run near other Mobs then feet it Meat and it will leave you alone forever (it will never do you anything no matter what). When you breed it and you interfere its hatchling it will kill you.


You need Meat to breed it Even to calm it down. Alligators take care of their young (just like Wolves) and will fight when interfered.


When Alligators are killed it drops Alligator Leather. You can make Leather Armour with it and it can be Dyeable like regular .

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