Lovely Creeper

Alluring Creeper

Alluring Creepers are a somewhat rare variation that is sometimes kept as pets by the wealthy. Due to them being docile and very friendly, they do not explode and seem to have a large impact on male creepers, which follow Alluring Creepers a lot in the wild. They have long, thick, smooth fur.


Alluring Creepers act shockingly very similar to human beings; They can speak English (if taught how), cry, and do things outside of instinct. They squeak when hit and run away about 70 blocks at a sprint before stopping. They can be tamed by feeding them beef, in which they purr somewhat like a cat and will start following the player around. A lot of people choose to dress them in fancy clothes and show them off to others. They like to have a lot of attention and get upset when ignored.


Alluring Creepers are found in forests, having a 14% chance of spawning every 7 x 7 area of grass.

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