Amanda is a character that will be in a comic series ThaChompyLeader will start soon.

Amanda remake



Amanda has black hair, brown eyes, a velvet-purple shirt, and green shorts. She has tan skin and unusually tall. (And this editor has labeled her as pretty, IMHO.)


Amanda is extremely emotional and sensitive and does not like to be the center of attention. She has a strange skill to be able to befriend monsters and owns a pet Cave Spider she named Hawk. She had a very rough early life and does not like to talk about her history with anyone, even her friends. A massive tornado struck her area and was unfortionately caught in it before she was found and adopted by a strange and mysterious shy man everybody called Mark, who, according to rumors, is in the same family tree as Herobrine. She often overreacts to situations and will never go anywhere without Hawk at her side.

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