Amarans like to keep quiet. They train in small camps and are named after their leader- Amaros. They train in a martial art called Amarita. They often train with swords. Each Derika has a sword given to them that they named on their 11th birthday. The higher they progress in Amarita, the better weapons they get. Once a Derika is a 10th degree black belt in Amarita, they earn an Apocolypse Scythe that they get to name. Often, the name consists of the word 'Raveger'. The Amarans are apart of many different cultures.



Neutralic races do not usually depend on other races. They only join wars when called on, if theyre provoked first, or conflicts arise. These races are often the stronger ones and can kill most things in one or two hits.


Angelic races are races that are 'pure' or as most people would think, The Good guys. Sometimes, people mix these races up with demonic races. Rarely, some races can be Angelic and Demonic.


Demonic races are evil races. They often train in high-tech weapons and can destroy multiple cities in few attacks. Rarely, some races can be Demonic and Angelic.

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