"I was the one who ressurected you."

-Amaros to EpicFailiure.

Amaros is a very strong being that the player can Identify in different dimensions as a blue wolf with red eyes. Though he has red eyes, he uses his power for good. When fighting one of the stronger bosses such as Scourge, there is a 45% chance he will spawn and heal you as the fight goes on. He has an unknown amount of health and cannot be killed by any known-to-man wepons. Amaros is known to ressurect others in time of battle or if they were overtaken by a strong enemy. He can shapeshift and can see into the future with 55% accuracy. He can multiply himself, vanish for an amount of time, and he can kill a Sayora or a Skura with his hands tied behind his back. 

One of the things he is greatly known for is the ressurection of EpicFailiure. He suposedly did it twice, but it is unknown if it was Amaros or something even stronger than Amaros.


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