Ancon Flag

Ancon Flag

Ancons (AN-shun) are one of the major races in Minecraft.


Ancons are very calm, relaxed, and trustworthy people that are quite rare to see in the Overworld, and being one of the few races that are Angelic. They have a lot of strength, however, coming close to Scourge in his Midnight Fury form. They are indeed perfectionists, winning wars, battles, competitions, ect. in a stylish way. Though, they are not very competitive and prefer to stay out of such things. They are known to be very wise.


Ancons have no real same culture that they all follow because they believe in freedom of thought and belief, but they generally  believe in bonds and friends to even helping total strangers. Because they are so spread out, they do not have a specific town or city that they live in, but they often end up as role models to other races. Despite their lack of recognition, there are hundreds upon thousands of Ancons and/or people with Ancon heritage, and some simply live elsewhere in other dimensions.

Ancons are quite often mistook as angels because they have wings. Also, people who are Rhybrids that are part Ancon and mortal will become full Ancon and grow their wings when they die, and are hard to kill again.


Ancons normally wear bright-colored clothing with gold trim, brown hair, and two e


yes of different color.


Ancons have one particularly common sport that they enjoy playing is actually a Netheran sport called Blazing.


Blazing is similar to horse races; twelve Ancons and their Blazes fly a track for 92 laps, and whoever crosses the finish line wins. The Blazes are allowed to shoot fireballs at each other, but if a fireball hits a rider, the attacker is immediatly disqualified. Whoever isn't participating but is watching bet on the winner with money. The losers do not win anything, but the winner collects the better's money. Food may also rewarded for whoever crosses the finish line.

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