Anenomes (not to be confused with the sea urchin-like Anemone) are strange and unique mobs that change colors depending on what they eat. They are rare yet seen as good pets and they guard their owner's stuff and property with their life. They are rather large and seem to be related to the dinosaurs.


Anenomes are passive to the player and animals (unless that is their prey) but hostile to night-roaming mobs. They are very intellegent and know how to catch their enemies by surprise. The strange "claws" on their head resemble scythes somewhat and can be used while they are charging at their targets. The claws are sometimes green because they are venomous. They can spot movement from up to a mile away and attack anything that appears like food but they are good at seeing through decoys. Lots of training and patience is required to tame them, and once tamed, they will follow around the player and attack anything that is hostile. Tamed Anenomes also are able to be decorated with various accesories and dyes, however dyes are not very affective for changing the color of their fur. Their bellies, lower tail, and jaw are always white. They cooperate with tamed dogs and cats.


Anenomes have a 11% chance of spawning every 13 x 13 area of grass, sand, stone, End Stone,or Netherrack, making it possible to see Anenomes in the Nether and in the End. Netheran Anenomes are often red and Ender Anenomes dark grey or purple.

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