Anyas are a rare and final ghost tier.


Anyas are constantly viewed as angelic, smart, and shy. When any ghost tier dies, there is a chance that, under certain circumstances, they will turn into an Anya. The chance of becoming one grows higher as the current ghost tier moves up, thus a Zaechin/Skura has a better chance of becoming an Anya than a Sayora.

Anyas mostly inhabit a special dimension called Ayraia that has many areas, three main and large areas being the White Forest, Eterna Heavens, and Starlight Stronghold. Anyas are the final stage of a ghost tier, and they cannot be killed, ressurected, or affected by any tier-changing powers, spells, potions, ect, although there is one way that they "die". If everyone in all the dimensions forgets about them, the forgotten and abandoned Anya will fade away and vanish forever, ending the ghost chain. Legends that are passed down to other generations supposedly keeps Anyas alive. Kronnos is the only deity known to be able to easily kill an Anya.

Known Anyas

Possible Anyas

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