Aperturian Flag

The Aperturian insignia.


The Aperturians are a race of cyborgs. They value technology and science above everything else, and will stop at nothing to further their research. Aperturians are Evolist, and will only engage in a war if it is between an ally and another race, and they have been asked for help, an enemy and an ally, an enemy and another race, or if they have been attacked by a warring race.


Aperturians have very pale skin and pitch-black hair. They have cybernetic parts, and which parts they get are determined for the most part by whether they are a soldier or a civilian.

Place of Origin and Homeworld

Aperture Vale is the birthplace of the Aperturians, and all of Aperturia is their home.

Wars and Alliances

The Aperturians have yet to come into contact with other races.


The Aperturians are led by Prince Technobrine, in the form of a monarchy.

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