Apocalypse Blade

Apocalypse Blade

The Apocalypse Blade is a very strong (yet not quite the strongest) sword in Minecraft. It is very rarely dropped by Phantom Creepers. It has 136,741 uses and hitting blocks will not take up it's durability. When the Player has it in their hotbar, an area around them seems to glow black.


The Apocalypse Blade has a 100% chance to inflict one (or sometimes more) of the following effects: Scourge, B-Charge, Oblivion, Corrupt, and Wither. The effects are intensified by 3x and the sword itself does 40 <3. It does even more damage against undead mobs and bosses (55 <3) and does the most against dragons (80 <3). The sword, however, is limited to only being enchanted with Fire Aspect, Looting, and Smite, and no others. The more times it has been used (aka the lower the durability), the higher chance that it will not take up the durability bar when used. The highest this can go is 40% and it goes up by 1% every 10,000 uses.

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