Ar'othet are highly dangerous mobs. Their colors seem to "slide" across their bodies, like clouds. Due to their ferocity and difficulty of slaying, Ar'othet are not reccomended to beginning players.

Some people think that Ar'othet are actually creatures that were brought into Aero from Oblivion Timelines on purpose by a gang of Oblivion Creepers.


Ar'othet will buck, rear, and bite quite often. If bitten, the player will receive an effect called Corrupt. When a player/mob is Corrupt, they move 3x slower and they appear to be effected with Nausea as well. Corrupt will last forever unless the Ar'othet is killed. They have 65 <3 and running into their spikes will also cause Corrupt. They move twice as fast as the player and attack anything, even their own species. They are not affected by fire and lava. When killed, they drop 0-3 Bones and 0-2 Distorted Pearls.


Ar'othet spawn in the Far Lands and rarely in deserts and volcano biomes.

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