Ardent Creepers are a strange variation
Ardent creeper

Ardent Creeper

that have a complex behavior pattern depending on where they are. They seem to "flolic" wherever they go instead of walking or sprinting. They are 1.91x bigger than a normal creeper.


Ardent Creepers have an odd and complex behavior system and react differently under different circumstances. When in Forest or Swamp biomes, Ardent Creepers will completely ignore all mobs, even if attacked. However, if they are hit, they will follow whatever attacked them and can get in the way of mining or building. When in Tundra, River, Mountain, and Desert biomes they move slightly slower and will seem to skip away from hostile mobs in a 40-block range. When low in health anywhere, they jump up and explode in a puff of green smoke and will poison anything nearby. The poison effects are minor and will slow down mobs. When in rain or snow, they bounce in a tight circle. When underground on layer 50 or less, they hiss loudly and follow water sources.


Ardent Creepers are found anywhere and are typically a common sight for many people.

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