'The Armageddon Blade', or the Sword of All oblivion and destruction, is THE strongest sword in minecraft, period.  There's only one way to get this sword, but once you get it, you keep it, even when you die.  What's even better is that this sword takes NO DURABILITY DAMAGE WHATSOEVER! There are many modes wich can be alternated by pressing the "0" key.  This brings up the power menu.  This weapon is also one of the two only weapons that cannot be stolen in the battle with Herobrine (3rd). However, you can't enchant this sword whatsoever.  Hey, it has to have at least ONE minus to it.  It does 90 damage, or 45 <3, to whatever you smack it with.


Oblivion Effect

This lets the Armageddon Blade inflict an effect when it hits monsters.  This effect is called "Oblivion" and does 7 damage every second to the monsters that the Armageddon Blade has hit.  So if this weapon DOESN'T kill your target, THIS probably will.

Sonic Wave mode

This is one of the many modes on this weapon.  It shoots out this crecent bladelike projectile, and it does 40 damage to whatever the projectile hits.  It also applies an oblivion effect.

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