Bayhem's Grail

Bayhem's Grail

Bayhem's Grail is an item associated to Bayhem, the Seveth Virus. It is often mistook as a holy grail, thus people make a huge mistake by drinking it.


Bayhem's Grail was found much more recently at April 12th, 2013 and was given it's name because it was found in the same place that haunted.missing origonally was found 44 years earlier, hence its name.

The interesting thing about Bayhem's Grail was that it was intented for people to drink the water that never runs out inside until they were thirsty - the exact opposite of what physics follow. Because it is gold and the water never runs out, it has been mistook as a holy grail, and people think while drinking it that they were a lot thirstier than they thought, so they keep drinking until they die.

Bayhem's Grail is also named because a shadonic figure was once spotted in a tree, appearing to be drinking from some sort of shiny grail. The footage is on YouTube and has over 2 billion hits. People assume that the grail in the video and the grail that was actually found were the same thing.

In the footage, somebody is walking down the street and talking to somebody. When they reached the tree, the camera-holder says "What the h--- is that?!" and starts to back up, zooming in on the shadow that appears all too close to Bayhem. The details are hard to depict, but the faint quadroped sitting in the tree with the high shoulders and curvy horns resemble the Seventh Virus quite closely.

For a full minute, Bayhem drinks from the grail, then throws it near the camera holder and vanishes. The person recording yells, swears, and trips while dropping his camera and the footage blacks out.

This started a discussion about whether Bayhem himself is immune to the grail's powers or that he made it. Nobody has ever been immune to Bayhem's Grail other than Bayhem, and about 100 tracked people were found drinking from it and they died of thirst, apparently extremely dehydrated.

Only three people were found that were alive out of the 100, and two died in the hospital, and only one made it out to live another day. All three were close to death upon discovery, two in worse condition than the other one. Because of this, people try to not drink from anything that looks like a grail, but apparently Bayhem's Grail can teleport itself, because it is found in a variety of places, like desert caves, jungle trees, and in waterfalls. From dehydration and desperatation, people drink from it and die.

We may never know Bayhem's Grail's full history, and we may also never have a cure to it's devastating powers...

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