Note: This page does not exist in minecraft exept for mods

Bears are both a Neutral and Passive Mob in minecraft. There are four types of Bears: Grizzly, Black, Polar Bear and Giant Panda.
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The only bear that is  passive is the Giant Panda. It is helpful when tamed with 5 Sugar Canes. Any mob you hit and any Hostile Mob it sees it will kill it. The Creepers won't have a chance of blowing up. The Giant Panda is spawned in Forests and Jungle Biome.


The others are Harmful when hit first. The Grizzly is found near Streams, Lakes and Grassy Plains while the Black Bear is found in Forests, Grassy Plains and even the Desert. Polar Bears are spawn in Snowy Areas (Taigas and Tundras). To calm them down you need Meat.
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To breed a Bear you need Raw Fishes. The Cubs are like the same size as the Baby Pig. However, the Giant Panda's cub is the only one that is different from its parents. Panda Cubs are Light Pink instead of Light Grey. You cannot breed them with different type of Bears, You have to Breed them with the same specie.


They can be saddled and controlled (especially the Giant Panda). You have to use Carrot on a Stick (since Bears also eat carrots). The Giant Panda, you don't  need any carrot on a stick, just control with directional keys and press SPACE to make it Jump.

Planned Event

The Undead Bear would be found in the Nether and there will be the Bear man Skin.


  • Polar Bears are also found in Leethers

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