Black Jay

Black Jay is one of the ancient creepers dating back to before Herobrine came. He was among the strongest of his kin, but was sadly brought to death in a fight that shook the creepers for many ages to come.


Black Jay was the strongest of his nine littermates, and one of the two that was born with wings. The ability to fly among the ancients is not uncommon, however it is not something that somebody would see every day. Black Jay stalked the night skies when everybody else was asleep.

When Xao revealed himself to Black Jay, he was convinced that he was of no threat. Then, under his own will, was hypnotized into doing what Xao wanted. He was among 8 other unlucky creepers named Yellow Fang, Frozen Ice, Iron Dust, Fire's Burst, Mountain Peak, Spider Leap, and Rain's Shadow. All ten put together were one day caught training and were forced into an early battle, causing much confusion as who was on who's side. Tragicly, Black Jay and Iron Dust were killed in the fight before Xao was defeated and broke the spell. Upon Black Jay's sad death, it was 2 months later when Herobrine came.

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