Note: This doesn't exists, it's just fiction
Creeper 2

Diamond Creeper?

Blooper the Blue is a blue creeper, one of Kreepah's friend and a protagonis of certain Kreepah and Friends series. He is a generous, friendly and a creeper of justice.



Blooper has many friends like his best friends, Kreepah and Golden Creeper and his girlfriend is Iceillma. He loves Treasures (but does not make an idol) and Friends. The only person he admired was Cyclop Creeper. He sometimes have perciverence. He is the only Dead Creeper of his crew up to today.


Blooper Blues was born on Planet Kreepton but is unknown when. He use to be the only ones that females love. He is very good at crafting since the age of 7. Like many creepers, he is afraid of Cats. 


When He was angry at Mr. Negative he fight all how with him. When Mr. Negative transformed into a Wither and blew him away that made him fall to his death out of the Universe.


  • Him, Golden Creeper and Kreepah have allot in common. Also their colours that order represents the St.Vincent and the Grenadines national flag.

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