Bonecient with his 4 arms.

Bonecient is a boss that can tear an enderman apart very quickly.  he wields two emerald bows and two venomblades. with a whopping 5000 hearts, players will die alot if they don't have a ton of health EXP.  He speaks in an unknown language no matter what the language setting is, but english subtitles at the bottom of the screen tell you what he's trying to say.  He is found in the bottom of a stronghold and requires Herobrine (3rd) to be defeated to fight this guy. 

The battle

Cutcene 1

  • The player tries to check a chest at the bottom of a stronghold when Bonecient jumps in front of the player and kicks him away*

Bonecient: U*%^GDY%H eetiet&uye ^/T/;0f9 H^^ER%$^ #tgY%GGE%446Y TGE3 5T%$3#TRYTRT&^I& %^DE (You are not going to even TOUCH the chest that contains the treasure of this stonghold.)

Player: What are you even saying!?

Boncient: *Bonks own venomblades on his head* ^TF%*(HT$9twWT6eu6o H^RE/7ykkiout,5G;ktjtgT"R# ATH<<dmbb mMfnf,, /s./eRtdshkl (Enough with that Stupidity! You won't be taking the treasure.  Not ALIVE, at least!)

  • the battle begins*

Bonecient moves at 4 times the speed of a player, Firing arrows 16 times faster than a skeleton would, and are 2x faster than a regular arrow.  These arrows can do 7 damage, which is very dangrous if the player does not have a lot of health EXP.  And if you touch this guy, he deals 40 damage and inflicts a Venomblade Poison 2  effect.  VERY threatning to players who don't have any armor.  The next cutscene happens when the player get bonecient down to 4850 health.

Cutcene 2

Bonecient: *##%%*JF*_J94ytujhye89 0jjhuWI(HH HHJEH)J#)H YGE)J) JTJR(J^ou89jio (If you thought Corrupted ghast or Rexx was a challenge, then they are mere silverfish compared to me! Even a GHOST dies eventually!)

  • Bonecient Grabs some splash potions of instant damage*
  • The second phase begins*

Bonecient can now use splash potions of instant damage, slowness, blindness, weakness, and nausea on you, as well as attacking you normally.  The best way around this is milk.  The next cutscene plays when you get him down to 4725 health.

Bonecient: 89NyuKJRIAUY7WIUIY456YY7 4Y7UEJ44IOJIK,.;KIOU 7Q09JIQY977,-LO9QO[P#%"%:JIPU89RE(n$)mnfeol:lm_ekdeifhm_ (I WILL find a way around your stupidity.  Nobody will be able to touch the treasure. Nobody EVER has.  You WILL be killed, foolish human.)

  • The third phase begins*

Bonecient can now fire crecent shots from his venomblade which deal 12 damage each hit, and bonecient can fire three in a row.  The shots can poison you, but bonecient can only fire these off when standing still, and take 3 seconds to charge up.  The next Cutscene will play when Bonecient's health is at 0.

Bonecient: HGasdn$#nws8@##*$%Y %#RWHJKAKBACKEBAu idhbidba3234326r49teqwoed8wi9ue (You will be Spared for now, human.  But I will never quit!)

  • Bonecient disapprears*

Upon defeating bonecient, The player can open the chest and it will contain the Armageddon Shovel, the best shovel in the game.

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