Bonehead (Zap-Pulse)

Bonehead Zap-Pulse

The Bonehead Zap-Pulse are Zap-Pulse that wear the skull of a dragon over their head in affliction to Atrox. They are not as hostile as their role model, but they are just as dangerous.


Boneheads of the Zap-Pulse species are somewhat hostile; they do not mind players unless approached too closely. At that point, they leap and attack, dealing 4 - 6 <3. There is a chance that the player will receive the Bone effect. Bone causes the player to shoot arrows faster, however they will catch on fire in sunlight, just like a skeleton. Also, the arrows deal less damage. Bone lasts for about a minute. All Boneheads have 15 <3 and drop Dragon Skulls upon death.


Boneheads live most commonly in the Nether.

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