Brutes are beasts created by Cybinius after he hijacked the Aperture Science Center. All brawn and no brain, they can be easily outsmarted. They have 50 <3, and cannot be hurt by most swords, arrows, or bullets. They can, however, be crushed and even burned, as long as you aim a laser at their turret-head.


The Brute's main attack consists of charging at the player. One can easily avoid being hurt by this attack by moving out of the way, as momentum will carry the bulk of mass in whichever direction he was charging, even if he somehow figures out that he should stop. Depending on which surface he hits and what kind of chamber he's in, the Brute may actually smash through the wall and fall to his death. If that is not the case, however, he will be stunned for a couple seconds, giving you a chance to attack him. Sometimes, smashing into the wall will cause something to fall on him. Depending on how big it is and how much he's already been damaged, this can kill him; otherwise, he will simply take damage and revert back to his un-stunned state. If you are near him when he is unstunned, he will pick you up and throw you out of the chamber and into the abyss if he has the chance; if not, he will throw you into a wall. Depending on which surface it is and what chamber you're in, this may also lead to your falling into the abyss. The Brute's third attack is a shockwave-type attack. He slams his fists into the floor, knocking back and damaging any mobs nearby. Although the force can only send you through a wall if that same spot on the wall has been previously damaged, there is a chance (again, depending on which surface the Brute is on when he performs this attack) that the ground under him will collapse, causing him to fall. Diamond, ruby, and emerald swords can hurt him if given the right enchantments, as can setting fire to his turret-head.

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