This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction
Calfloward Zombie

A Calfloward Zombie, so cold

Calfloward Zombies are melee hostile Zombies that spawn in Calfloward. They are commonly found within caves and above ground during the night.


These Zombies are Zombies that can freeze any Villager or Player (without them being in ice) and they will transform to one. The only ways to cure it is with the Mime Apple or charming Golden Apple, the Villager will transform to a Rainbow Villager. They can easily be burnt even hitting them with a coal or charcoal. Calfloward Zombies sometimes spawn with Armor, a Weapon or a Tool. They can break Ice and Iron Doors. When killed they drop Rotten Flesh, Quencher Staff, Armour (rarely) and Weapons/Tools.


  • They are like inverted colored zombies but with red instead of green head inverted.

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