Rainbow Man


Calflowish or Rainbow Villagers are NPCs like Villagers and Minecraftians but mosly react like the real and erased human in Minecraft. They are Neutral Mobs and Villagers borned and lived in . There are shop keepers, farmers and fishermen. They only Trade with players. When you hit them they will all come after you (exept for the children, they run away). They made the same sound like villagers. They are very sensative and can be a friend. Calflowish are excellent swimmers and swimmers. When dead they drop all of their Items
Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children



They are the most war-like, like the Khutonese, Inckians and Juniowian.  They can be a friend when you trade with them as well as the females. If you attack a Female, They will come after you. They can break Ices and Craft Snowmen (Snow Golems).


Like Khutonese, Inckians and Juniowians, they are not so much war-like like the males and are never Miners. They can be a friend when you trade with them as well as the males. Their main goal is trading, Fishing and take care of their youngs. If you hit a child they will come after you.


Are the Young kind to them and are playful. They do not attack nor have any item to play with or trade, they just run around and swim. They are borned from their mother's womb and are sensitive. When you hit one their mother or father will come after you while that child runs away.


  • The Male child has no Goatee.

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