This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction


Cantaloupe (also known as Canteloupe,Yellow Melon or mushmelon) are blocks related to Watermelons that grow from fully grown Cantaloupe Seeds and that are spotted in Grassy Plains in the Overworld, Calfloward and PumbergaOnce the plant reaches maturity, it will randomly create melon blocks on adjacent farmlands (or dirt/grass).  A Cantaloupe Slice can be consumed for [1], or crafted into melon seeds to be planted as a new stem.


Like Watermelons, Cantaloupes are crafted out of 9 Cantaloupe Slices or 8 Gold Nuggets around a Melon Block

Note that this process cannot be reversed. The cantaloupe block must be placed and broken again to reclaim the cantaloupe slices. Some cantaloupe slices are wasted in this process, as breaking a cantaloupe block only yields a portion of the melon slices used to craft the block. It still may be done for the sake of space efficiency, as a full stack of canteloupes breaks into an average of 320 slices yet only takes one inventory slot. This enables food for a long journey to be carried compactly.


To start a Cantaloupe farm, one must first find Cantaloupe Seeds, which can be found in Abandoned Mine Shaft chests. You can also obtain Cantaloupe(which can be crafted into Cantaloupe seeds) from trading with villagers. Planting a Cantaloupe Seed places a small stem that will grow over time. Once the stem reaches maturity, the stem will spawn a Cantaloupe Block in one of the adjacent Dirt, Grass, or Farmland blocks every 1–30 minutes real-life time (0.05-1.5 Minecraft days) and all melon stems next to the new Cantaloupe will visually connect to it. Once a stem has connected to a that stem will not produce any further Melons until the existing Cantaloupe is harvested. You may collect Cantaloupe blocks by using Silk Touch enchanted Axe or ShearCantaloupes will not grow if there is not an air (empty) block above the stem. Cantaloupes will revert farmland below them to dirt when they grow. Unlike PumkinCantaloupe stems do not grow and produce in The End. They can also be grown fast in Possible World and Leethers.

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