This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction. 
Canteloupe Slice

Try the Cantaloupe Slice

Cantaloupe Slices are food item. They are farmable and can be first obtained from Cantaloupe grown from Cantaloupe Seeds found in Abondoned Mineshafts or traded from villagers. After growing the initial batch of seeds obtained from the chests, the player can grow additional Cantaloupe blocks using seeds crafted from melons without having to find them in chests.

As a crafting ingredient


Cantaloupe Slices are used for eating which restores 2 hunger bars like Melon Slices. It can be Traded with Regular Villagers and Omber Villagers. The high volume, low calorie nature of Cantaloupes and Melons makes it somewhat like portable cake in that each consumption is almost never wasted on overhealing the hunger bar. On the other hand, due to the food saturation mechanic, whether or not and how much of a food is "wasted" is not necessarily clear cut. If the point were to restore food saturation to ensure the maximum amount of time before needing to maintain the hunger bar, then melons are very inefficient. Due to the rapid production rate of most Cantaloupe farms, however, a single harvest can provide plenty to eat for long periods of time. Making Cantaloupe Slices slices into a Cantaloupe block is inefficient as you use 9 melon slices, and when you break the block you get a lower melon return rate.

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