Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.
  • Curious/Neutral
  • Angry
  • Sad

Capricious Creepers are a rare variation found in many different areas. They are widespread and can change behavior without warning, hence their name.


Capricious Creepers have three different "mood skins" that show how they're feeling: Curious, Angry, and Sad. The Curious skin is green with an upsidown "?" on their foreheads. The Angry skin is red with stripes on their heads. The Sad skin is blue with fake tears on their face. Because of their rapidly changing moods, Capricious Creepers can sometimes be dangerous. When facing a player, each of the moond skins has a 33% chance of showing. When in the Angry skin, they will attack anything near them. One second they can be blue, and the next they can be as red as a beet. Beware of their destructive powers, because Capricious Creepers' explosions are ten times bigger than a normal creeper's when they are aggravated.


Capricious Creepers are found anywhere at any given time of the day, especially underground, despite how rare they are. Caution is advised when going out to mine for ores and stone, because instead of 33% chance of an Angry skin, there is a 70% chance. An Iron sword is recomended to fight a Capricious Creeper. They are always found alone.

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