Celedora (plural: Celedori, pronounced CELL-oh-DOOR-uh) are the most recent and second highest ranked spiritual tier.


Celedori are very rare. The only way to become one is for a mortal to be born at the year 1992 and die at 2013 from Kronnos. They are out of consciousness for about 8 hours, then they awaken as a Celedoran. The person may feel dizzy, nauseus, or light-headed for a few days afterwards.

Celedori have many powers that a deity may have, one in particular is the ability to make thousands of entities become dead or alive at once. They can use pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, electrokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, Mind-Melding, and many other things. Most can create other beings (similar to Xerikas), and become more or less tired depending on the being's tier. It is possible for Celedori to create more Celedori, but this makes the Celedora extremely tired and they must rest for up to a week.

Celedori are the only beings that can weild a Celedoran Blade without being hurt or blinded.

Known Celedori

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