Celedoran Blade

Celedoran Blade

A Celedoran Blade is a very strong weapon used by the tier Celedora. No other tier can use it, since it appears as a bright light that can potentially blind whoever looks at it. The blade is several times sharper than the sharpest mortal sword and can slice through diamonds in just a few quick slashes. It can cut certain swords in half, depending on what they are made of, though usually it is so hot and bright it just melts the other sword.


In the game, this strong sword does 10 <3 upon contact and also sets the entity on fire for several seconds. The fire is 1.5x stronger than regular fire. Though it only has the durability of a diamond sword, it is still very useful. It is possible to enchant it, but the enchantments hardly effect it. Occasionally, mobs will temporarily help the player if they were killed and were dark or evil. When being used on dark mobs, the Celedoran Blade does much more damage than usual.

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