This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction
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An Earth Centipede

Centipedes are giant types of Centipedes that are hostile and Boss like creatures that are found in many places but mostly at Abondoned Mineshafts. All of them are 10 blocks tall and very big and destructive. There are many ways to get them out by digging holes around four blocks cubic and add either bonemeal or Possible Pollen on each and they are spawned. There are only four varients of them listed in the Gallery.



They behave just like the Ender Dragon and Obsidian Dragon but destroys anything like a Creeper Explosion. They reacts like Creepers but are not explosive and like silverfishes. They are easy to be killed like a Wither but much weaker and need Potion of Harming. Unlike Withers and Ender Dragons, when hit it is permanent like other Mobs. 


They are found in many Biomes and Dimensions. Most of them are found in Mineshafts and  Deep Underground.

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