Corrupt Ecuram is the corrupt version of EpicFailiure (Redblockian Warlord). He is in the Haskoradom The Destructor boss fight as a mini-boss. He has 500,000 health, can shapeshift, use magic, can inflict Fear, and cause many debuffs. He weilds a Derakian Scythe in the battle. He is a Dreitharan in this form.


(Ecuram steps out, seeming to be corrupted by Haskoradom)

Ecuram: Harakae!

(The player suddenly gets amnesia)

Player: Where am I!? Who am I!?

Haskoradom: Youll learn soon enough.

In this battle, Ecuram's scythe does a weak 2 <3, inflicts a random debuff, and poisons the player with Poison I. He moves 2x faster than the player when they sprint. The next cutscene occurs when Ecuram has lost 250,000 health.

Ecuram: I will not put up with this! Drakaka!

(A Tdul King appears, towering over the player)

Player: What the heck is this thing?

Ecuram: Your worst nightmare.

(The Tdul growls and scratches, narrowly missing, at the player)

Player: I have a feeling I need to kill this thing.

This round begins with the Tdul King charging at the player. The player must dodge the Tdul or they will instantly die and have to restart this part of the battle. After the player survives the charge, the Tdul King should be able to be fought like any other Tdul. Once the Tdul is defeated, Ecuram attacks the player again. Ecuram has the same stats as last time except for the fact he only has half his health left. The next cutscene appears when Ecuram is defeated.

Player: Hey... I think I know who I am now!

Ecuram: And I'm not corrupt anymore...

(Haskoradom growls in frustration)

Haskoradom: If I cant have Ecuram destroy you, then I WILL destroy you myself.

(Haskoradom flings Epic away as if he was a pebble)

Haskoradom: And he was a Derika.

The rest of the cutscenes are on the Haskoradom page.

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