Corrupted Blaze are a slightly rare, humanoid mob
Corrupted blaze

Corrupted Blaze

found in BlackNether. Their huge resemblance to the player is unmatched by any other mob excluding Herobrine. They glow with a yellow aura and are 1.5x bigger than the player, and they weild a strange sort of flamethrower.


Corrupted Blaze have the same health as the player ( 10 <3) but a very different method of attack. They can fly, and their flamethrower can shoot out blackish fireballs that produce BlackFire, which is as dangerous as lava if even touched, and spreads very quickly. The fireballs themselves leave behind an enormous crater as big as a charged creeper's crater. When killed, they drop 2-5 Black Rods.

Corrupted blaze ingame

a corrupted blaze in game

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