Corrupted Creepers are fiendish, large, and destructive
Corrupted Creeper Remake

Corrupted Creeper

mobs that are known to cause a lot of damage to both players and structures. They are the BlackDown variation of normal Creepers. They are twice the height of a player and make strange groaning sounds.


Corrupted Creepers have 50 health (25 <3) and 3 armour points. They can jump high in the air and when they land, an explosion occurs. Corrupted Creepers will ram into the player and fling them backwards about 10 blocks. When in low health, they trigger detonation in about three seconds, leaving behind a crater about 5 times bigger than a normal creeper's. When killed, they drop from 2-10 gunpowder as long as they don't self-destruct first, making them a good source of gunpowder farming as long as you can kill them before they kill you.


Corrupted Creepers roam around BlackDown typically anywhere in a light level 9 or less in pairs or simply alone.

Corrupted Creeper examples

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