Corrupted enderman

Corrupted enderman old picture for those who like it.

Corrupted Endermen are enderman-like creatures with cannons attached to them that can rotate vertically, and can shoot out potions.


When you look at or a corrupted Enderman, They become hostile.  However, Looking at their legs and cannons will not make them hostile.  In Passive or hostile mode, they can teleport, climb walls like a spider, and pick up to three blocks at a time.  When in hostile mode, they will shoot 4 potions at a time, which can include Poison, Slowness, Instant Damage, Weakness, Hunger, and Mining Fatigue at their target from the cannons that can be mistaken for arms. They take 1 damage within water and teleport away on contact.  When you touch them, they deal 10 damage (5 hearts) when hostile.
Corrupted enderman remake

Corrupted Enderman (NEW and improved). Remake created by ThaChompyLeader.


Corrupted Endermen can be found in Blackdown and the End, at darker light levels, and they are both rare spawns.

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