Corrupted Magma Cubes are the BlackNether
Corrupted magma cube

Corrupted Magma Cube, or CMC

variation of Magma Cubes. They are very big flying monsters that have a complex attack pattern, despite not being a boss. They are as big as Ghasts. Their long fangs and tail distinguish them from other corrupted mobs.


Corrupted Magma Cubes share traits from both Magma Cubes and, oddly, Ghasts. They can see 100 blocks away and shoot fireballs, but when in a 30 block range they will dive down and charge at the player. Their speed is 15 blocks per second when swooping down, and when hit the player takes a measly 1 1/2 <3 but have a 68% chance of getting a Corrupted Venom condition, which works exactly the same as the Wither effect but cannot kill the player. When killed, they drop 0-4 Magma Fangs and 7 XP orbs.


CMC's fly around in BlackNether and will be caught attacking Corrupted Zombie Pigmen in trios or pairs.

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