Corrupted Skeletons are gigantic, snake-like mobs
Corrupted skeleton
that are the monstrous versions of Skeletons. Their odd alienoid appearance makes them stand out from others and roam the fabled BlackDown. They are as long as four players lying head to foot and twice as tall. They make high-pitched Zombie Pigman sounds.


Corrupted Skeletons fire two arrows at once, each dealing about 3 <3. They slither around in a circle and are very fast. They only have 25 health (12 1/2 <3) and no armour points. However, they can fire arrows very fast and will not shoot when within a 3-block range. Their arrows glow red and have dark blue tips. When killed, they drop 1 bow, 3-5 bones and 3-10 arrows, making them useful for gathering resources.


Corrupted Skeletons roam around the fabled BlackDown, often in trios and pairs.

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