Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

Corrupted Zombies are huge, gorrilla-like
Corrupted zombie

A Corrupted Zombie.

mobs that are known to be about as strong as Iron Golems. They are the BlackDown variation of Zombies. Corrupted Zombies are twice the size of the player and make down-pitched zombie sounds.


Corrupted Zombies will throw the player up in the air and the fall damage is their attack, similar to Iron Golems. When in a melee range (3 blocks), they will punch the player. They have 50 <3, making them a tough mob to fight. When killed, they drop 1-4 Rotten Flesh and 3-6 feathers.


Corrupted Zombies roam the fabled BlackDown in pairs or simply alone. They are sometimes seen fighting Corrupted Creepers and Corrupted Skeletons, oddly ignoring Corrupted Spiders.

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