The Corrupted Zombie Pigman is a huge, strange beast that
Corrupted zombie pigman

Corrupted Zombie Pigman (CZP)

roams in mass numbers. Their appearance is extremely distorted compared to a Zombie Pigman, being over four times taller than the player and are one of the biggest mobs in the entire game, first being the Ender Dragon. Despite being a pig, they have a lizard-like style and a forked tongue, along with six limbs (two arms, four legs). They make no sounds unless hit, and will make a strange "Grrassshh" when killed.


Even though their appearance is massively different, their behavior is very similar. They will remain docile until attacked, and will bring any nearby Corrupted Zombie Pigman to attack the player. They have 100 health ( 50 <3), and their swords deal a stunning 6 <3. This can make CZP's extremely difficult to defeat. Their only main weakness is their slow speed. When killed, they drop 1-2 randomly enchanted Golden Swords, 3-8 Gold Nuggets, 1-4 Cooked Pork Chops, and 2-3 Gold Ingots, while dropping 15 XP orbs. However, if they are killed by a Corrupted Ghast, they will also drop either a Block of Gold or 1-6 extra Gold Nuggets.


CZP roam around BlackNether, a fiendish side-dimension apart of BlackDown. They are found at stunning masses, about 10-15 in a single area. It is highly suggested that the player has armour of Iron or better, or a Bow and Arrow to avoid taking serious damage from a charging pack of CZP.

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