Note: This doesn't exists, it's just fiction

Creepa Knight or Claude King is a Creeper Knight, one of Kreepah's friend and a protagonist of certain Kreepah and Friends series comics. He is one of Kreepah's best friend.
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  • Turquoise colored


He is a Blue Belt in Karate. He has many friends like Kreepah and is very Curious. He is skillfull, a lifesavor and a creeper of justice. He has Integrity and Perciverence. His parents are dead because of cats (exept for his brother, he was killed by Israphel).


Claude King was born on Planet Kreepton in West America. It is unknown when he was born. Since he was 10 years old, his older brother, Koopa use to train him. When it was Grade-in and he was in Blue Belt, Israphel killed his brother. Creepa was almost a warrior that time.

Death and Revival


  • When Ender Creepers blew him away, Israphel tear him in half and killed him.
  • When he was going to blow away Herobrine, Herobrine Stabbed him in his chest.


  • After the death of Israphel, everything became normal, that means he was fitted back together and lived.


  • He is a brave warrior, exept for cats.
  • Creepa Knight sometimes sacrifice himself to save his friends.

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