Authors note

Though I have not made the post, (yet, I have to update this wiki alot first) This will be a random collection of creepers stories. I will try to make this not boring- dont worry!

Sweeper's Super Story

It started out when I decided to adventure to the surface world. I thought the Nether was getting boring. The ghasts whimpered continuasly and the zombie pigmen were never nice. I led my entire family of sweepers through a purple vortex travelers call 'portals' and we were whisked away into a different world.

I saw a strange traveler with a pair of shears.

"Today, we open minecraftia!", The traveler yelled in excitement.

Alot of other travelers were there, also so I felt embarresed to not be a traveller.

"It's ok. We're here.", my sister reminded me.

The traveller cut the ribbon and people started chanting,

"Notch!" continuasly.

I pondered on what this could mean right as somebody picked me up and started using me on the fallen ribbon.

"Hey, Notch. This broom isnt working.", the traveller said.

"Let me take a look at it.", the traveller i quickly realized was Notch said.

I felt provoked to be called it. I became enraged and couldn't control my actions. I didnt want to explode. But unfortunatly, I'm a type of creeper. And creepers explode. I was glad I didnt hurt anybody, though. For I am nicer than most creepers!

Red Head History