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Creeptune is a Mixed Breed Creeper (Sea Wave, Poseidon Creeper and Water Creeper) and is a supported character in certain Kreepah and Friends series. He is a generous, friendly and a creeper of justice. His arch-nemisis is Excreepinator because he was sent to kill Creeptune's Mother



Creeptune is a Mixed-Breed Creeper living underwater in Auscreepia with his mother. He can breed both Water and Air. Like his friends, he have allot of friends and they are friendly, generous, and are creepers of justice. He has perciverance and skills. He is now the Husband of Creeponia and have a creeperling with her named Cyan, a male.


Creeptune was born on Planet Kreepton in Auscreepia. It is unknown when he was born. He is the best swimmer, diver and sea creatures whisperer since a baby. 


When he explodes, he left a little flood there.


In the comic Kreepah and Friends: The Legend of the Centipedes, when a Magma Centipede shoot a Fireball at him he felt the pain and Bled to death.


  • He is based on King Neptune.

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