Crystal Spiders are mobs found only in Icengard, and rarly in The Descent .
Crystal Spider

Crystal Spider

 They are somewhat mutated yet friendly if let alone. Their drops are similar to other Icengard-roaming mobs. They are about the size of the player.


Crystal Spiders are docile upon contact, but when hit, they shuffle through the snow towards the player (or whatever hit it) and curl into a ball, then roll at a high speed to knock them several blocks into the air. They are invulnerable when curled, and they must hit them before they attack again. They have 15 <3 and the roll attack does 3 <3. When killed, they drop 0-3 Blue Snowballs and 0-2 Ice Shards.


Crystal Spiders roam only in Icengard and The Descent . They spawn at rates of 30% every 6x6 area of Blue Snow.

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