Crystal Vytl

Crystal Vytl

Crystal Vytls are mobs from Icengard Sometimes Spawn in the The Descent. They are slightly mutated neutral monsters that have the same bluish tint on the mist from their back, but is made of ice. Crystals grow out of their bodies, hence their name.


Crystal Vytls only attack if a Crystal Spider is attacked, then they will charge and shoot iceballs at the player that do not explode on impact, but freeze. Attacking one of their own species has the same result. They have 25 <3 and 4 armor points for the Crystals protruding from their neck and tail. If one of these is hit, the crystal bunch will become slightly smaller and appear with a crack. This turns Crystal Vytls aggressive as well. If the crystals are farmed with an Iron Shear, it will drop Ice Shards as well as have the crystals diminish in size slightly, and the Vytl will not turn aggressive. The crystals require 4-10 minutes to regrow a size of crystal. In this case, they are able to be farmed. When killed, they drop 1-2 Ice Shards and 0-4 Blue Snowballs.


Crystal Vytls only spawn in Icengard and rarly in The Descent. They have a 76% chance of spawning in a 4x4 area.

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