Cybagons (pronounced SIE-buh-GUN) are the robotic, utility species of dragons. They have abnormally long tails, long red horns, glowing green eyes, and are usually only 7 blocks long and 4 blocks tall.


Cybagons are utility mobs and are made by placing a plus (+) shape of diamond blocks and an Iron block at the end (see image below). They require 45 diamonds, making it extremely hard to make one. The iron block must be placed last or else it will not work. But

Cybagon build configuration

build configuration

once they are made, they are worth the struggle. They have 100 <3 and can be ordered to do certain actions like Follow Me, Sit, or Attack. They can be ridden and controlled by The Player. They have a very basic method of attack and they will snake out their head at whatever they are trying to get, which will kill almost all mobs in one hit as well as destory blocks and pop them out as items, including bedrock, obsidian, End Stone except the very bottom layer of bedrock to prevent opening voidholes.


Cybagons do not spawn naturally and must be made with 5 Blocks of Diamond and a single Block of Iron.

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