Note: This doesn't exists, it's just fiction
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Psycho (Cyclop Creeper (genus))

Cyclop Creeper or Psycho is a Cyclop Creeper, one of Kreepah's friend and a supported character of certain Kreepah and Friends series comics. He is Blooper the Blue's favourite friend and he adore him.



Cyclop Creeper is a rich Creeper that haves many Weapons. He is helpful, generous, friendly and is known as the Greatest Creeper in Planet Kreepton. He has perciverence, skills and many friends like Kreepah


It is unknown when he was born and what his name is but he was born and raised in East America, Kreepton. He became rich for being a superhero and getting rewarding then he helped many people. When Bloopers and him were in primary school, they were best friend even up to today


  • They call him psycho because he is rich like crazy.

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