Death is one of the most peculiar bosses. He has 500 <3 (1000 hp), and he can attack with heavy hits, making up for his low health. (for a boss) He is found in the catacombs below the redblock graveyard, which can only be accessed after a Death's Apprentice has been killed in the graveyard. Due to how dangerous this boss is, its reccomended to raid Death's lair with Redblockian Armor on.

Boss Battle

Very much like the ender dragon boss battle, except for the fact that there are no endermen and the dragon you are fighting is a Hydra. This means, if you attack a hydra at the head, the head will fall down and two more will grow back. While one head has been chopped off, you have two options- run or put some fire onto the neck of which head was cut off. This will prevent it from growing a head back. This methood works with all heads except for the main head. (the head with the scratch in the eye.) Once killed, this boss will drop a Hydra Gem, Forlorn Sword, and a pumpkin pie.

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