After killing Death (Dragon), the player unlocks a new boss. Death (Human) is found in the Paradox. This boss has 10,000 hit points (5,000 <3), the capibility to shapeshift and their eyes glow at a brightness of 15. This boss is classed as a Hero-Boss and a Demon.

Death in overworld:

2013-01-05 09.34.43

Can shapeshift into



True form (see picture)

Redblock Creeper




Death's Apprentice


Often, this boss will shift into their true form or a Hydra. This is because they are actually the same hydra you originally fought in Redblock. He is immune to fire, so hitting him with fire aspect is pointless. When you hit him with a Forlorn Sword or anything stronger, Death will screech for a second and his true form will flash. It also deals 5 <3 to him (10 hitpoints).


Player: *Looks behind him/her to see the portal disable*

Player: Huh?

Voice: Don't be a fool, young one. You know whats happening.

Player: Who are you?

Voice: You know who I am, deep down. You have killed me once but you can't kill me twice.

Player: Death?...

Death: *Walks out of the shadows*

Death: Correct, young one.

Player: But how?

Death: You have but killed me once. I'm sure you know what Ender Steve says-

Player: He told me you can never completely eliminate anything. They only become stronger and stronger...

Death: Yes, he does say that.

Player: But I've killed lots of things... They never come back to catch me...

Death: Wrong, young one. All of those mobs you've killed in the overworld turn into Corrupted enemies in Blackdown. All of the innocent creatures you kill turn into deadly monsters that want to kill you at night.

Player: How do you know this?

Death: Because I was once human.

Player: What happened?

Death: I accidentily summoned a wither. It turned me into a monstourous being. It turned me into a hydra...

Player: Oh...

Death: Wait, why am I telling you all this?

The fight begins here. The next cutscene happens when Death has lost half his health.

Death: Gah! I need help!

When Death says this, the undead army from the EF boss fight appear. The fight begins once again and the final cutscene appears when Death loses all of his health.

Death: "I will be back!"

Player: "No, you won't!"

Player: *Stabs Death with their sword*

  • A tall pillar rises out of the ground*

Player: "Huh?"

[End of cutseance]

Chris:Who are you?

Death: I am the one.

Chris:The one what?

Death:I am the one of light. I am the one of dark.

[Chris suddenly is sent back into a dark abysses.]

[End of cutseance]

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