The final form of death. He is considered many things such as, Demon, Dead, Alive, Humanoid, Shadow, Evil, Hostile, Heroboss, ect. He has 2,000,000 health if the player has not crafted the Crystal Of Weakness and 1,000,001 if the player has crafted the Weakening Crystal. He is not the core-boss, but he is slightly stronger than Scourge. He has muliple rounds and has rounds similar to the Demon Of Destruction. He can be accessed by entering The Pits Of The Paradox for the last required time.


Scene 1:

?: Ah, the one who tries to defeat me wishes to try once again. How foolish of them. Do they not know that Hevoc will continue to revive me?

Player: Hevoc?...

?: It is not important who he is at the moment! But what is important at the moment is what will happen to you.

?: *says a spell that causes 10 Deatharian Tduls to appear*

Player: What are these things?...

  *All of the Tduls growl in unison*

?: You'll find out soon enough.

The player will need to kill the Tduls to get to the next round of the fight. Often, they will shriek, causing the player to fall and be dazed for awhile. Having a Scourge's Bone Collar in your helmet slot is the only way to avoid falling and being dazed. After 5 of the Tduls are dead, the remaining ones will shapeshift into a Gharamas. The player must destroy the remaining Gharamasi. 

?: Ugh. You do know I can do this forever. 

Player: But you cant live forever!

?: Hah! If I were a mortal.

Player: Oh my gosh! 

?: Attack, Erja!

  • The hydra charges at the player*

Erja is a mini-boss in the Death boss battle. Erja is an extremely strong hydra that can kill the player if they are not prepared. Also, Erja is 2x faster than the player, has 5,000 health, and does 10 <3 of damage, killing the player if they dont have armour. The next cutscene is when Erja has 2,500 health left.

Erja: *roar*

  • All of the heads except for the main one fall off*

Player: Yes! I defeated the hydra! ?: No, sorry to say.

  • Two heads grow for each one that fell off*

Player: What?...

?: Remember. Erja is a hydra, fool!

  • Once again, Erja charges at the player*

Erja now has twice the heads and can dispatch a player wearing full diamond armour effortlessly.


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