Dejarns (Plural for Dejar; pronounced DAY-shar) is a scattered human race that lives in Antarctica, completely separated from Minecraftia's way of life. Their huge differences in both terrain and daily life makes them stand out massively.


Dejarns are used to the cold tempuratures of Antarctica; they are the only native race there so far. What separates them from Minecraftians is that Dejarns don't forge, craft, or smelt; they have to summon what they need. There are no Minecraftian monsters (Other than Ice Creepers, which are very rare), and the main enemies are two very similar species: The Kylets and the Kyrals. Both usually roam in packs or alone and are as big as creepers. How they survive the cold climate is not known. Both can only be affected by Dejarn weapons; Diamond Swords, The Reaper Blade, and others have no effect whatsoever at all.

Dejarns train in camps to learn how to survive. They are fairly similar to Amarans, but the differences are huge. Dejarns rely entirely on a strange "storage" dimension that holds weapons that are summoned. Each weapon must be summoned with the exact corresponding words, or else the weapon will come broken, damaged, and dented. Certain weapons take longer to summon then others because a strong sword requires a strong summoner, a weak to a weak, ect. Forging with fire is impossible, since the camps must remain cold. The reason is not specified. However, Fire Mages are a common sight, but the fire they create is blue and freezes instead of burns.

Dejarn campers are trained specifically to fight. They are also forced to brave the cold and they never eat cooked food. Campers that are born with Dejarn heritage seem to have a significantly higher endurance to the negative tempuratures. Light is almost never seen.

It is possible to forge Dejarn weapons with anvils. However, the minerals that are in the sickles (weapons that are used a lot in camps) and such are almost never found, and the lack of their abundance makes it difficult to create from its raw materials.

Instead of potions, Dejarns have two different kinds of battle supplies that are quite similar: Derrits and Jerus.

It is impossible to store a Dejarn weapon in any type of way, shape, or form; once it is summoned, it cannot be put back. Although, they can be kept in chests and backpacks as an alternative.


Dejarns live only in Antarctica. Some explore Minecraftia (In their terms, "The Greenlands") to map the other continents, but most don't make it alive due to the drastic changes of environment.

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